• What to Expect with Hail Storms in Belleville, IL.

    April 12, 2021
  • Keep Track of Severe Hail Storms

    When it comes to severe weather, your roof is the first to be struck by the impact. With being in Spring comes many different spring showers. Hail storms are no laughing matter since some hail form to a tennis ball size if the storm is that bad. With this in consideration, choosing the best roof from your home could be a significant difference in not only safety, remodeling your home, or shutting down your store.

    As we see storms becoming more severe during this time of the year, roofing systems need to be designed with the possibility of damage in mind.  With that being said, we have different tips for you to make sure your home is protected, and your roof is up to date with making sure you and your building is safe.

    Types of Hail

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    When it comes to hail, this can be something that forms within a storm that many tend to forget happens. However, when rain does freeze into hailstone, your home is at risk of impacts that result in damages or leaks.

    We can see hail ranging from the common size of a pea up to a size of a grapefruit. Commonly, hail will not see that huge of a size. These are very rare occasions with horrendous storms. However, hail in a typical storm does range in three different sizes. We know them as the size of a golf ball which is less than one and a half inches, to a tennis ball, which is greater than or equal to 2 inches.

    Seasons for Hail Storms

    Commonly, hail storms occur from early summer to the end of the season. You are not likely to see hail during other times of the year due to the temperature of the rain as it falls from the sky. However, hailstorms increase during the summer because of the thunderstorms that are commonly occurring during that season. With the thunderstorms mixed with the warmer weather, be sure to be on the lookout for hail.

    Hail Damage

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    Unfortunately, hai storms have shown to be highly destructive. Hail can strike the glass, plastic metal, and of course, roofing. If you are a homeowner with a low-slope system, you are more vulnerable. Hail damage can range and include dents, cracking, mineral loss on modified bitumen sheets, or compound delamination.

    The more intense the storm is, the larger the hail is falling from the sky. With that in mind, the larger the hail means the more extensive the damage is to your home. Unfortunately, hail damage also isn’t the cheapest to repair either. The repairs can range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, some hail damage can be so drastic a roof replacement will need to be in order.

    Protecting Your Building from Hail Storms

    Having a resilient roof system designed for hail damage is highly recommended, especially living in the Midwest which is right in the middle of most common hailstorms. Having that resistance can help prevent these damages. In addition, having this done to your roof will save you stress in the long run and not completely break your bank.

    What To Do Next?

    Unfortunately for you, there is no telling when the next hailstorm could be. With being in the heart of spring, that season is fast approaching. If you want to talk about having hail prevention done to your roof or building a new building that needs hail prevention, we are here to help. Give Clymer Construction a call today so our professional and trusted team can get you covered! We are here for you!