• The Best Way to Keep Your Roof Fire Resistant in Collinsville, IL

    May 5, 2021
  • Keeping Your Roof Fire Resistant

    fire resistant fireproofing

    Your roof is one of the essential parts of a person’s home. The common phrase “we put a roof over your head” is said for a reason. Since someone’s roof is a vital part of a person’s safety and comfortability, a homeowner should be taken cautionary steps to ensure that it is kept in proper conditioning. Unfortunately, a common thing that happens in homes across the world is fires. These fires can be started simply as a candle not being put out at night, or even something unexpected like lightning striking one’s home. To make sure that your home is protected, and your roof is fire resistant here are tips to help you check on your home’s roof to make sure you’re keeping it fire resisted.  

    Using Fire Resistant Materials: 

    One trick that could help you keep your roof fire resisted is using fire-resistant materials to cover your roof. Being able to protect your home securely is something that should be a top priority. If you were to do this to your roof, you would prevent damage to your home from possible fires. However, as the warmer seasons do tread closer, there could be more risk to having said fires. If you want to take this next step, talk to your roofing contractor. They will be able to walk you through a step-by-step plan and find the best roofing materials. With their knowledge, you can feel at ease knowing that your roof is protected. Using materials such as class A materials are the most fire resisted.

    Cleaning Your Roof:

    Cleaning your roof should be a task that is added to your regular cleaning duties. If there are any signs of debris that are found on your top, this can hold the potential to catch fire. Any windstorms or thunderstorms can happen, especially in the Midwest. Once this happens, there is a potential that your roof will be covered in twigs, branches, leaves or any other types of debris. Since this is the case, you are doing those regular clean-ups is the best way to go. Have your local contractor help if needed. Holding something off, such as cleaning off your roof, could potentially worsen a possible fire. Anything that can kindle fire will keep in burning, that includes anything that is on your roofing.

    Fixing the Holes in Your Roof: 

    fire proofing a roof

    Just like cleaning your roof is very important, fixing any holes can be just as. If you are possibly missing shingles or have any gaps in your roof, you need to get these repaired. These are simple tasks that you shouldn’t be holding off. Having these holes in your house can help spread fire like none other. If you are to have these holes in your home, it is easier for your fire to apply because of the different entryways. Taking the time to patch those blockages up will help prevent fires or help stop them rather than see them spread more rapidly.

    Going through a situation like a fire should not be taken lightly. If you want to take these precautionary steps, give one of our trusted team members at Clymer a call today. Our team is dedicated to making sure that we provide the best service. With a group of highly trained professional contractors, we will make sure the job is done correctly and the best for your home. We would hate to see something as tragic as a fire happen to your home. Let us help you prevent them today!