• Are Pests Damaging Your Belleville, IL Roof?

    August 30, 2021
  • When considering different types of potential roof damage, pests are a big one. It is common to have pests, but it is not something that you want to wait to fix. Your roof is designed to handle almost everything, but summer home invaders might result in some costly repairs. There are many pests that could be causing damage to your roof. Termites, squirrels, ants, mice, birds, and bees are all some of the pests that can overtake your home. They can not only significantly endanger your health but can cause serious roof damage. They have the potential to disrupt the energy efficiency of your home and decrease the value of your home. Below we list several types of pests and how they damage your home’s roof.


    Carpenter ants are the most common ant that will weaken your home’s roof and overall structure as they build their colony. These ants are known for eating the wood that your home is made up of, and this includes the roof. Hiring a professional exterminator and calling a roofing contractor are both equally as important in this situation.



    Bees are a very common summer pest that can damage your home, and cause harm to your family. Carpenter bees are known to tunnel through your home’s structure, similar to the previously mentioned carpenter ants. The hives of these pests can promote mold and other damage to your roof’s structure and shingles. These bees also invite other pests, such as birds, who want to feast on their larvae. Avoid putting your home at risk and hire a roof repair company to remove the hive from your home.

    Squirrels and Mice

    Rodents are not the first things that usually come to mind when thinking about roof damaging pests. These pests are natural climbers and will chew through shingles, wood, and any other substance that is designed to hold your roof together. Once they get into your home, everything becomes fair game for their next meal. If you live in a popular area for rodents, perform regular roof maintenance to prevent future needed roof repairs.


    Termites are known for damaging your home’s overall structure, which can also lead to costly roof repairs. Roofs are the first line of defense your home has. Especially against water, however, it also means it’s easy to accumulate mold which promotes rotting wood. These rotting wood areas are heaven for termites, and they will weaken the structure beneath your roof and loosen the shingles.



    The most obvious pest on this list is birds. Birds make nests that can lead to water damage if they get caught in your gutter and their dropping are also highly acidic. Birds can also cause severe damage by contributing to noise pollution, spreading diseases, and getting stuck in downspouts. If you notice seasonal birds’ nests on your roof, contact your local roofing company to come and remove the nests from your home, and help protects your roof’s longevity.

    If these pests are left untreated, they can cause extensive damage to your home and roof. Look for the possible signs of these pests and have roofing inspections performed once or twice a year to prolong your foo’s lifespan. If you need reliable roof service, call us at Clymer Construction today!