• When is the Best Time for a Roof Inspection in Belleville Illinois?

    October 25, 2021
  • Roof Inspection


    Being a Belleville, IL homeowner comes with a lot of responsibilities. Unlike having an apartment, you have to be mindful of every part of your space. To the A/C unit, the water, and very importantly, the roof. This is definitely one of the most forgotten parts of ones home. If you have a roof over your head, many wouldn’t think that you would need to check on its stability, but you do. If you are unsure when the right time to check on your roof, or you may not know where to start, continue reading on for our helpful tips and tricks.

    Clymer Construction’s team of trusted specialists have come together to conduct a helpful list to check through, and see if now is the best time for a roof inspection. If that is the case, our team is happy to set up an appointment with you and your family, to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape.

    Roof Shingles

    When was the last time that you had your roof checked? Or, have you ever had your roof checked. Fear not if you don’t know the answers to these questions, we have certain tips to help you notice if it is time for a roofing inspection. One of the first things to check when deciding if it is time for a roofing check is your roofing shingles. Take a second to check them out. Are they curling or buckling? If so, this is not normal. If there is hot air in from your roof, it can lead to heating up your shingles, and pushing them to curl up. When these shingles are curled, it is easy for water to get into your home. Check for these curling spots or even dark spots around your shingles.


    One of the most vital parts of your roofing is your gutter system. If your gutters are clogged from debris, leaves, and anything in between, this is a major problem. This can cause major roofing damage. This can lead to water flowing into the gutters of your home, and seeping into your shingles. Our team recommends you clean your gutters at least twice a year to prevent this type of buildup. You can even check them if there has been a major storm in your area that could increase the buildup that is in your system.


    Flashing is what is used to keep your roof from any water damage. This is a typical strip of metal that can typically be found around the joints or intersections such as your chimneys. It is very important to check these for any cracks or leaks. Since these are there to prevent water damage, if they have damaged themselves, you could be in the face of more water damage to your home.


    After reading these steps, we highly advise you to check out these parts of your roof. If there is any sight of damage within any of these areas, please contact our team at Clymer Construction today! We are happy to set up an appointment to check out your roof.