• Most Common Roofing Process Questions that Belleville, IL Homeowners May Have

    January 17, 2022
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    When buying a new roof or getting repairs on your existing one, residents of Belleville, IL may have some questions. The roofing process can become confusing, and this is why we have listed several questions below that will help you understand the roofing process.

    How Long Does the Roofing Process Take?

    After the contractor is given the type of roofing and the size of your building, they can estimate the duration of the project. An example of this is that the average-sized house with a shingle reroof can take only 1-2 days. This differs from larger homes which can take anywhere from 2-4 days. Usually, they attempt to meet the estimated times, however, unseen obstacles can cause a delay in the project.

    Do I Need to be in My Belleville, IL Home While the Work Takes Place?

    No, you in fact are not required to be home for the work to take place. Contracting teams have project managers that will handle the coordination with both you and the crew working on your roof. If you choose to not be home during the project, a common request is to move all vehicles from the driveway to prevent debris damage.

    How Much More Does a Metal Roof Cost Than a Shingle Roof?

    On average a standing seam metal roof will cost around 3 times more than a shingle reroof. Metal roofs can be more costly, but they last a lot longer than shingle roofs. A shingle roof can last 10-15 years, whereas a metal roof can last up to 30 years.

    Who is Here When the Roofing Process Takes Place?

    We utilize either employees or subcontractors for different projects. For example, a shingle reroof can be handled by a subcontracted crew but overseen by one of our project managers.

    What makes Clymer Construction Stand Out Amongst the Other Roofing Companies?

    Metal Roofing

    Here at Clymer Construction, our crew has a strong work ethic and has a go-getter mentality. While efficiency is one of our top priorities, we believe the job is truly not completed until the final walkthrough occurs. This ensures that the customer is fully satisfied with the job that we have performed.

    We hope this has been a helpful way to learn about the roofing process. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, contact our team at Clymer Construction today! Our team is standing by to help you with your next project!