• How to Decrease Your Belleville, IL Homes Risk of Fire Damage

    March 28, 2022
  • Your roof is a vital part of the safety and comfort of you and your family. So if your Belleville, IL home experiences fire damage, this can be a scary and confusing time. We have created a list of tips for you to utilize and ensure that your home remains as safe as possible by having a lower risk of fire.


    Use Fire-Resistant Materials

    When you use fire-resistant materials to cover your roof, you will be able to help prevent any fire damage from occurring to your home’s roof. Check with a professional roofing contractor about the best type of fire-resistant materials for your home’s roof. We strongly recommend that you utilize class A roofing materials as they are the most fire-resistant. No matter what type of budget there should be some materials that are fire-resistant, however, the more costly ones tend to be better quality.

    Clean Your Roof to Prevent the Risk of Fire Damage

    Fire-resistant materials aren’t fully fireproof. If your home’s roof catches on fire, your roof should be able to withstand severe fire damage if the right materials have been used. However, if your roof is covered with flammable material like branches or leaves, then the flames could continue to burn longer. This would cause more damage to your roof than what should have occurred.

    Repair Holes & Gaps in Your Roof to Prevent Further Fire Damage

    Having your home’s roof installed with fire-retardant materials is the first and most important step that you need to take in order to avoid any fire damage. The second step would be to repair any gaps or holes that are in your roof. This would be an important thing to get taken care of during a spring maintenance checkup. If your roof has a part that is damaged, the areas will be not resistant to fire. This will end up causing an issue if your home were to be set ablaze. No matter if there is a gap in the flashing or a missing shingle, make sure those areas get repaired as soon as possible.

    fire resistant materials

    A fire in your home could drastically change the life of you and your family. Not only is there will there be a loss of your possessions, and you may have safety issues, but your home’s roof could fully burn down. Make sure that you call your local roofing experts at Clymer Construction if you need a new roof or have any questions about fire damage on your roof. Our team is here to help you make sure your roof keeps your home safe and secure.