• Choosing the Right Roof for Your Historic Collinsville, IL Home

    April 26, 2022
  • Owning a historic home in the Collinsville, IL area can be a challenge. This is because you are tasked with restoring and maintaining as well as preserving the beauty of the home. If you are lucky enough to be able to own a historic home, then you know that there will be certain guidelines that you must follow to ensure that all details are correct. One of the most important features in any home is the roof, and this counts for historic homes. This is because the roof keeps the structure and furnishings of the home safe from the outside elements and water intrusion.


    Often times restoration experts decided to install a modern roof on a historic home, keeping all the details in place with eh interest of the property and budget in mind. When working with an experienced roofing company, they usually agree with adding modern materials in order to provide superior protection. All of this while giving you fewer maintenance costs and adding value to your home.

    We have created a list of what to do in order to ensure that your historic roof is the perfect fit for your home.

    Review Historic Home Documents

    If you have access to any documents that are for your house including old pictures, original blueprints, newspaper clippings, or even journals, these can help you in your decision. When reviewing these items, they can help you get ideas about the original materials and the colors that the roof previously was. Doing this helps you keep the integrity of the roof by preserving details. An example could be if the shingles were laid non-traditionally, or the wooden shakes were cut in an unusual angle. It is important to take down any detail that you find and give it to your roof contractor.

    Look at the Physical Evidence

    Try to keep all of the previous materials from the home including old wood pieces, nails, and other scraps. This is because these may be able to tell which type of roofing system was used. Your local contractor may be able to tell you what type of roof was used as well as the materials that can be swapped out for perfect preservation. This is why it helps to choose a roofer who has previous knowledge and experience with restorations.

    Consult Your Local Historic Home Organizations

    Roof Company

    As we previously mentioned, if you own a historic home, you most likely reside in the historic part of town. Within these areas, there are rules and regulations that need to be followed. You may have to deal with several restrictions about which changes you properly plan on implementing to your home’s roof. Other restrictions can include building codes; however, some areas make exceptions for historical homes. Even if you are using traditional roofing materials that are available, the use of a modern underlayment is able to be utilized. This is because they are better at protecting your roof from the elements and it is not visible to the outside.

    If you are looking for a way to ensure that your historic home’s roof is in its prime condition, give our team at Clymer Construction a call today!